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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hello and Goodbye...For Now!

Hey friends! 
  As the title says, this is my hello and goodbye for a little while, about a month and a half to be exact!  These past few days have been crazy busy because I'm packing up to leave the country for 6 weeks.  I will be heading off to Guatemala to work at a malnutrition center roughly an hour outside of the beautiful city of Antigua.  Fashion won't be my highest priority while I'm there, however most of my wardrobe will be goodwill finds.  Because I will be working with kids all day every day, I purchased a variety of cheap tees and functional scrubs that will dry fast and be comfy to hang out in all day.  If you would like to keep up to date on my Guatemala adventures, you can check out my other blog to stay informed. 
  Like I said before, I will be back on the fashion wagon when I get back from my trip.  Until then, I leave all you lovely people with my a picture of my travel outfit

(ENTIRELY from the GW, minus the shoes from Walgreens and my yard sale coat, I'm so proud of myself.)
As always,
Happy Bargaining!

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