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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hello and Goodbye...For Now!

Hey friends! 
  As the title says, this is my hello and goodbye for a little while, about a month and a half to be exact!  These past few days have been crazy busy because I'm packing up to leave the country for 6 weeks.  I will be heading off to Guatemala to work at a malnutrition center roughly an hour outside of the beautiful city of Antigua.  Fashion won't be my highest priority while I'm there, however most of my wardrobe will be goodwill finds.  Because I will be working with kids all day every day, I purchased a variety of cheap tees and functional scrubs that will dry fast and be comfy to hang out in all day.  If you would like to keep up to date on my Guatemala adventures, you can check out my other blog to stay informed. 
  Like I said before, I will be back on the fashion wagon when I get back from my trip.  Until then, I leave all you lovely people with my a picture of my travel outfit

(ENTIRELY from the GW, minus the shoes from Walgreens and my yard sale coat, I'm so proud of myself.)
As always,
Happy Bargaining!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Packing Realization

Afternoon everyone!
  I was just packing for a little weekend getaway to visit family when I realized, 75% of what I had was from the GW.  Check it out
No.  I don't like to make my bed.
Did not realized this picture was blurry until I uploaded it. Not cool.
My amazing retro backpack that will be serving as my purse this weekend!

The inside of my amazing backpack I will be using as my purse this weekend!
 Both bags are from goodwill, so less than $10 each. My clothes are all from goodwill minus my workout clothes and tank tops.  Shoes, also from goodwill. Even the pillow my bag is sitting on top of is from GW!  Crazy right?  One other exception is my military style jacket. 
I actually found this bad boy at a yard sale.  I cannot stress how much I ADORE  this sturdy jacket.  I'm not one who enjoys standing outside in the heat and digging through other peoples (sometimes junky) stuff, but in the case of this yard sale, it was worth it.  I also bought a heavy coat and a cute purse from that stop.  Moral of the story: Don't totally rule out yard sales.
  Thank you all for reading and I'll write again in a couple of days,
  Happy Bargaining!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lace Bootie Line Up

Hello my lovelies,
  I am so happy to show you all these beautiful bootie combinations today but first, a little preview.  I have been on a grunge kick lately and my mom found a great tutorial for distressing jeans at home.  Needless to say, I have been quite busy popping threads on my favorite true blues and once they are finished, I will post a tutorial that will walk you through getting the glam-grunge look.
  Now to the main event! The lacy bootie (one of) my all time favorite styles of shoe.  The ankle height boot is the most versatile of the boot family because you can wear them with anything.  With pants, they look like regular boots.  With shorts, they don't look... a-hem, trashy as long as they don't sport a high heel.  With dresses and skirts, they are just plain adorable.  So with no further babble about my love of this style, here are the outfits.
  Outfit number 1 is still pretty edgy like my last few styles.  The jean + plaid combo gives it a young almost rebel look.  In contrast, the second outfit has a more girlie feel because of the frilly dress and the soft pink fabric.  The dress is borderline summer, but with the boots and black cardigan, it ends up being fall worthy.  I hope all of you are enjoying this boot series!
Until next time,
Happy Bargaining!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Dr. Martens Wearable?

Good Evening everybody!
  As I said in my last post I have decided to tackle the Dr. Martens boots that are so very popular this fall.  Before I get into the outfits, I want to clarify that Dr. Martens is the brand, not the style of shoe, I was confused about this until I did a little digging.  I did some research last night and found that this brand has a wide variety of shoes, check it out:
  While these punk rock shoes still might not be up your alley, you cannot help but appreciate the history of these iconic boots.  They started out in England as industrial shoes for factory workers and others who needed an extremely durable pair of boots.  As time progressed, they evolved into the ultimate symbol of the rebellious movement in the late 60's up to the 80's.  Dr. Martens finally went mainstream in the 90's and according to Kate Lanphere (Fashion Director of ELLE Magazine), Doc's became a classic during this decade thanks to teen and young adult television.  
    With my geeky history lesson aside, here is how I would wear these statement boots:

  Both of these outfits have serious rocker quality because, in my humble opinion, there is no way to tone down the edgy style of these shoes.  The first, I stuck with the classic skinny jean, but in part two, I decided on a teal skater skirt to try and glam the look up just a little.  In both examples, I used the classic black, shiny version of the boots paired with brightly colored outfit pieces.  Keep in mind, there are countless patterns and colors of Dr. Martens to choose from, so you could reverse the outift an go with all black or neutral clothing and throw on some neon boots.
  While I have never seen a genuine pair of Dr. Martens at the GW, there are very few times I shop that I don't see a similar pair of lace up, punk style boots for a fraction of the cost of doc's.  I don't know if I will ever buy my own pair of rocker boots, but these 80's reminiscent looks are exactly how I would wear them. 
  Be sure and check out the inspiration page! I have added a few more pics I think you all will enjoy.  Tune in next time to check out the lace bootie outfits.
Until next time,
Happy Bargaining!

Friday, September 6, 2013

The Western Boot + GWF Friday

Good evening everyone,
  As promised! Here is boot number one from my lovely diagram paired with exactly what I would wear.

  Because it's a western boot, I went with the traditional plaid shirt and jeans.  However I did choose a more modern style plaid and I brought out the green portions of the pattern with the forest green backpack.  Now don't be alarmed by the distressed style of jeans, as long as there is no major skin showing, anybody can pull of the worn look.  If bare threads is too grunge for your style, this look will look just as great with a crisp pair of jeans. 
  Look number two:
  This look goes to show that you can wear a western style boot and not look like Ellie-Mae Clampett.  In this outfit, I paired a graphic sweater with a plain, black denim skirt. Avoiding the typical true blue denim will always tone down the country vibe of an outfit.  The bag and fedora are bonuses because, well, I love bags and fedoras...
  Next time, I will be tackling the Dr. Martens pictured in my previous post.  As I said before, they are by no means my favorite style of boot, but they do have a certain "glam rock" quality that can scarcely be found elsewhere.
  Before I sign off tonight, I have to tell you all about my GWF this week.  A few Goodwill trips ago, I found the most beautiful tribal tube top.  It was orange and red and brown and just perfect in every way.  I tried it on and it fit just fine and with a cute jean vest, I knew it would be perfect.  Fast forward a few days and I found myself at the beach with my family, what better outfit to slip into after the beach than a simple tube top right? So I wore it and I felt like hot stuff, for a little while.  About a half hour later, we were out shopping and I couldn't help but notice my top sliding farther and farther down my front.  Before I knew it, I was in the midst of a full fledged wardrobe malfunction that left me buttoning up my vest all the way to the top and praying  my top would not become a belt.  Thankfully I made it home without publicly exposing myself.  One week later, I walked into Charlotte Russe and saw a different version of my shirt on a manican, only it was a skirt...Goodwill fail? I think yes.
  Moral of the story: Don't always trust the sorting skills of Goodwill employees.
I hope you had a laugh tonight,
Happy Bargaining!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Shoe Fetish...

Good evening fellow fashionistas!
  Tonight, I want to talk a little bit about my favorite subject: SHOES.  I don't know about you, but last time I checked I had more shoes than I could count.  In fact, I can't even fit every pair on my shoe rack!  So they end up on the floor, in the closet, in the bathroom, in my trunk, under my bed, and pretty much anywhere else they can hide...can I get an amen?  All joking aside, check out this insightful visual dictionary of every woman's weakness:

 Of course, there are many names and nicknames that our favorite footwear go by, but this is a basic index of formal heels.  That lobster claw looks ridiculous to me, but to each her own right?  Sadly, this chart does not cover one of my favorite types of shoes: boots!  Therefore, I took it upon myself to create this lovely board for your viewing pleasure:
There are umpteen dozen variations of the boot, as shown in this diagram, and to be frank, I don't like some of them.  For example, I could live my entire life and never put on a pair of Dr. Martens (number 2) or Uggs (number 8) and I would be happy as a lark.  However, these boots are engrained in our fashion culture so I cannot in good conscience leave them out of my little boot discussion.  Over the next few posts, I will be discussing each boot type in detail and showing how I would style them into an outfit and where you can buy them without breaking the bank.  Boots are huge this fall, literally, take a look at some of the boots gracing the runways this season:
These boots are so tall, they need an extra strap behind the knee.

These are borderline pants, with shoes attached to the hem.
Robin hood maybe?

I'm just wondering if these are Velcro...because that would be convenient

I hope you enjoy this little series on my favorite staple piece of my shoe wardrobe! Check back tomorrow for boot number 1: The western style boot.
Until next time,
Happy Bargaining!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I'm Back!

Good Evening everyone!
  Well, I have suffered greatly the past two days because I had no internet! *gasp* But I did survive and made a HUGE goodwill haul yesterday.  Before I talk about my finds, I wanted to get a little housekeeping out of the way.  Concerning the coupons for the Manasota branch of Goodwill, I could not successfully print them.  I contacted GW and they reloaded the coupons but the weekly special coupon still printed out blank.  Sadness, I'm not sure how to get it fixed, but if you live outside of the Manasota area, they would be useless anyway.  No matter what Goodwill you frequent, they should have some kind of promotional deal like punch cards, coupons, or any number of other money saving helps so before you buy that fabulous new outfit, check and make sure you are saving as much money as you possibly can!
  As I have been saying for a while now, I had a major shopping day planned for yesterday and my finds were not disappointing!  Here are my two most fab finds!

  I am using my Coach bag now and I still can't believe it's mine.  No really, I keep looking down at it sitting next to me thinking to myself "Wow. That's mine."  Here is why it's mine: IT COST ME $5!  Yes it's true. I was about to check out yesterday and I heard it calling my name from the purse section.  I checked the price and it was $18.99.  I have been on the look out for a faux leather backpack for a while now but there was no way was I going to pay that much for a bag no matter who made it or whether or not it was real leather.  Nonetheless, I loved the bag and checked out its condition despite the price.  It was in perfect condition but I put it back anyway until my mom suggested I get it to bump my total up to $60 so I could use the $15 off $60 or more coupon.  We figured it out and with out the bag my total was $43.  If I bought the bag and used the coupon, my total was $48.  It was a no brainer.  By the way, a leather coach bag like mine cost $258 new...just thought I'd throw that out there.
  My second favorite purchase yesterday was my new pair of deck shoes.  So I might be a little bit behind the trend curve with these shoes, but adorable never goes out of style right?  These were well loved by their previous owner but other than some wear on the inside label and tread on the bottoms, they're in perfect condition.  Another plus with buying second-hand shoes: they are already broken in! Double win.  I checked out how much these shoes would cost me new and I found a gloriously suprising price: $55 new from RackRoom Shoes.  'How much did I pay for mine?' You might ask.  Survey says: $4.99.  And that is why nobody beats the bargains at the GW.
Until tomorrow,
Happy Bargaining!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Internet Crisis!

I greet you this evening with a heavy heart...alas, my internet is currently out of service. Meaning I will be unable to post a proper entry until Tuesday! Sadness, but never fear, tomorrow is a major goodwill sale day and I will document all my terrific purchases ASAP. Be sure and check back Tuesday night and as always,
Happy Bargaining!  

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Inspiration Comes in Many Forms...

Happy almost Friday everyone!
  Tonight is not my usual post because I'm trying to expand my pages on Good[will]Girl so instead of rambling on about an outfit I have or have seen, I wanted to pull together an Inspiration Board so there will always be new looks and latest trends to check out!  It's up in the tabs, right up click it!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Polyvore Outfit Dupe

Good evening my lovely readers,
  As promised, today I have a Polyvore outfit dupe to show you just how easy it is to stay in style even when you're broke.   I have been so excited to do this feature and I hope to do it again soon! Here I have the look I made on my Polyvore iPhone app
  This look screams fall (my favorite) and I'm a maxi skirt kind of girl so this look is right up my alley.  Here's the catch, this exact outfit would cost me $497...let me say that again, $497!  I don't know about you, but for this girl $497 is an exorbitant amount of money for any outfit short of a wedding dress.  Let me say this, the look featured above consists of high quality items, the jacket is Guess and the boots are Born Concept but I still cannot condone making such a frivolous purchase.
  But never fear! Goodwill is here! Introducing an extremely similar outfit:

   And it cost me less than $30 for the entire outfit.   Plus, this is the best part, the shoes are Born Concept just like in the Polyvore version!  They retail for about $75 and I bought mine for $7.  While the skirt and belt are not exactly the same, the pattern and style of the duo make for a very nice equivalent.  Plus, the skirt and belt cost me a grand total of $4, while the original Piamita Sarah Long Skirt and Pieces Alexa Waisted Belt cost a combined total of $305.  Thank goodness for the GW.
  Also, I just want to remind everyone that it is a mere 5 days until 50% off day at Goodwill.  I am planning a special trip and all of you should too!
Until next time,
Happy Bargaining!

Monday, August 26, 2013

A New Way to Shop

Salutations and Hello!
  As I'm sure you have noticed, my blog is under some renovation of late.  I am still trying to figure out how I would like Good[will]Girl to look so please bear with me as I do some experimentation.  Please and thank you!
  What if I told you that there was an app that allows you to shop a plethora of different stores from all over the world to build your dream wardrobe while never leaving  the comfort of your cozy bed?  Enter Polyvore, the incredible fashion app that allows you to create and share outfits and collections all on your computer or iPhone.
  This is a shopping app, however the vast majority of it's users are people who simply have a love of fashion and wish to share their style with the rest of the world.  For me, Polyvore is a way I can compile outfits and play with different (sometimes crazy) combinations without the hassle of trying on a ridiculous number of clothes and visiting an insane amount of stores. 

  These are two examples of the kind of outfits waiting to be made on Polyvore.  While the finished outfits can easily break the bank by exceeding $1,000, I find that it is the best way to find my personal style and keep me inspired.  A black and white, patterned button down blouse is the same no matter whose name is on the tag.  Therefore, a $250 outfit can be duplicated for a tenth of the price without sacrificing style.  I have done it myself and I know you can too!  (Hint: Tune in Wednesday evening for my Polyvore outfit dupe)  You can check out my outfits on Polyvore at cvj1995 but there are several other users I recommend you follow should you choose to join the community.  Such as...peacockchic, kswirsding, and rusinn.  These are three of my favorite outfit makers in the Polyvore community.
Until next time,
Happy Bargaining!

Print problem...

Ok so those fabulous coupons are not printing properly :( I'm trying to get to the bottom of it now. Check back soon!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fancy or Casual: That is the Question

Hey everybody!
  I hope all of you had an awesome and restful Sunday! I know I did.  Naptime = Good Day.  However, I did not waste my day away sleeping, instead I brainstormed a useful post for all you lovely folks to read because I just know, deep in my heart, your day is not complete without checking Good[will]Girl for a new post...
  So here are two looks with the exact same pieces but one is a I'm-just-running-out-for-coffee look and the other is a I'm-going-to-the-most-important-meeting-of-my-life look. 
  Here's outfit numero uno:
If you all haven't already noticed, I'm a bit of a nut for the sweater + cami combo.  I paired my floral cardigan with a plain white cami and my favorite textured pencil skirt.  I left myself lipstickless, kept my hair loose and down, and I kept my jewelry to a minimum size.  Look number two...Let's dress it up.

  Alright, so to dress up any outfit remember 3 things: tuck the shirt, cover your toes, accessorize to the max.  Let me break it down, by tucking in my shirt, I made my skirt the main attraction with my super cute bow belt.  I also pulled the waistline up because a high waisted skirt elongates the line of the legs. (And mine are very short.)  The next way to dress up a casual outfit is to cover your toes.  Bright nails peeking out of  sandals screams casual while closed toed flats or pumps will add an heir of sophistication to your look.  Finally, I took my simple pieces to the next level by wearing  statement jewelry that complemented the hint of green in my sweater.  In my opinion, wearing your hair up will also dress up your look, but it depends on the way you put it up.  A messy bun won't help you when it comes to making your outfit fancier, but a  neatly tucked bun + a fabulous shade of lipstick will complete the look.
  If any of you have a dressed up/down look you're proud of, let me know! I'd love to see your outfit creations.
Until Next Time,
Happy Bargaining!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Holy Moly: Quick Tip

Hey everyone,
  I had a super busy day today working at the Florida Baptist Children's Home so I am EXHAUSTED.  Nevertheless, I still wanted to take a minute to give you a tip concerning your purchases at goodwill, specifically t-shirt and knit top purchases.
  Okay, so we all have had this happen to us, our favorite t-shirt or knit top that we wear every time it's clean develops a cluster of little bitty holes right where it rubs on the waistband of our jeans.  Aggravating?  I think yes.
   As you can see in the photo above, I found this lovely red tank at the GW a few days ago.  It wasn't pilled at all and it felt so soft and I loved the color and I loved the cut and then...I inspected the cluster-of-little-bitty-holes area and to my dismay, there were holes.  *sigh*
  I want to warn you lovely people: always check this area when buying knits! I have no clue how to fix these pesky punctures, but nothing is more maddening buying a GW piece and finding a defect when you go to wear your new outfit.  Save yourself the trouble and check the cluster-of-little-bitty-hole prone area before you even try on your find.
Until Next Time,
Happy Bargaining!

Friday, August 23, 2013

GWF Friday

Hey everyone!
  Just wanted to say thanks for all the views, remember! I'm on Twitter and Pintrest so check it out and follow me for daily (and quirky) fashion inspiration.  Today's post has been a much anticipated post for me because its Friday FAIL vs FIND time.  Allow me to explain, every Friday I will be featuring a Goodwill FAIL that will help shed some light on why the GW is oft dismissed as a fashion travesty in the making.  So without further adieu my GWF for this week is...
Don't I just look breathtaking?  If your answer was yes, you need serious fashion help.  This horrific dress may have been considered pretty 30 years ago, but even that is a stretch.  The pattern is repulsive and the fabric was extremely uncomfortable, but in the dress's defense,, there is no defending this dress.
In other news, here is the other half my GWF Friday: my FIND, this chunky woven drawstring bag!!  Three things about it: 1). It's gorgeous 2). It's funtional 3). It's gorgeous, nuff said.  Seriously though, I am obsessing over this superbly versatile and sturdy purse.  It has two handbag style handles but it also has a shoulder strap on the back that allows it to act like a one shoulder backpack. It's a two for one! The colors are also perfect for this autumn (my favorite time of the year) and it evokes a tribal feel that I just adore.
Until Next Time,
Happy Bargaining!
P.S. I'm almost over 500 views for Good[will]Girl! Thank you :)


So I am in the process of transitioning into fall wear...and I seem to have rekindled my love of vests. For a while, I wore big, flowing, hippie vests with EVERYTHING. I hope this time I can pull off the vested look with a little more class!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Second Hand?

Top of the evening everyone!
  As I said in yesterday's post, my mom and I went to a different (Much bigger) goodwill today and it was incredible!  Soooo many shoes!!
  However, shoes are not the subject of my post tonight, I want to talk a little about all the items that I have found that are brand spankin' new.  These pics above are just a few of the unworn pieces that I saw today and that I have seen in the past.  As a matter of fact, I have a pair of dress jeans (awaiting hemming) that still have their $44 price tag attached that I bought for a whopping, you guessed it, $4.99.  Keep an eye out for these kind of pieces because, chances are, if it still has the original tag, you won't have to worry about stains, rips, or defects.  And that my friends, is a definite plus.


Hey everyone, 
  This won't be my main post for today but I just wanted to share my outfit of the day with you guys
I am totally obsessed with this silk leopard shirt my mom gave me! She knows my style too well :) 
Until later,
Happy Bargaining! 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Savvy Shopper Spotlight: Featuring Brittany

Good Evening Everybody!

  First I just want to say thank you to all of you who continually visit my little blog and check up on quirky finds and ideas.  Now with that out of the way, I'd like to introduce you to the AH-mazing Brittany! Today is my very first Savvy Saver Spotlight and I have to say, it's a pretty awesome way to start off a series of posts.  S.S.S posts will document the incredible finds of all of you because I know I am not the only one who buys brand name items at generic prices.  So I want each of you Savvy Savers to have a chance in the spotlight.  So without further adieu, here is Ms. Brittany's lovely outfit.
  As you can see from the photo, Brittany is sporting super trendy distressed jeans that are tastefully rolled into a cuff.  Her cute/casual American Eagle tank is a perfect match for the jeans and her adorable style.  The outfit cost a total of $7.99, Brittany says that she couldn't have gotten the top for that low of a price and she also said this outfit is her favorite find from the GW.
  If you have a favorite look or piece that you think is spotlight worthy, tweet me @Goodwill_Girl or email me at
  I want to hear from you awesome people who take the time to stop by and read my shopping adventures so make sure and drop me a line!  Speaking of adventures, my mom and I are heading out to a new(ish) GW location tomorrow! Excited? I think yes.
Until tomorrow,
Happy bargaining

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wear it Three Ways: Go BOLD or Go Home

Hey fellow bargain shoppers!
  Today I stopped by the G.W. and I found these AH-mazing, patten leather pumps!  So I wanted to show you lovely folks how I wear bold pieces like these hot pink heels in a way that won't leave you feeling like you are playing dress up.  So the first look is an all business look, I down played the quirkyness of the shoes with a structured pencil skirt, solid colors on top, and simple jewelery.  The next look is a casual, don't-mind-my-fabulousness, kind of day look.  It's borderline matchy matchy, but because I separated the pinks with my straight leg Levi's, the outfit stays chic.  If  however, I tried to wear the same look with a pink pencil skirt, even if it was a perfect match color wise, the look would go from trendy to tacky.  The final picture on the right is a evening look that I would wear to either a party or out to dinner with friends.  By wearing only black in my dress and accessories, I can keep the outfit from looking too girly and overly pink.  My strand of pearls (well, pearl shaped beads...) also keeps the outfit looking polished.
  If YOU have any bold pieces that you are obsessed with, tweet me your fierce look @Goodwill_Girl or leave a comment below!
Until next time,
Keep it BOLD!
P.S.  I've reached over 300 hits on Good[will]Girl! Woah! Thank you all so much and keep coming back for more chic but cheap style.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Some Little Known Facts

Good evening everyone!
My beachy, tan toes! Perfection
  I was at the beach for the better part of today so tomorrow I will be posting another outfit for your viewing enjoyment,  So on tonight's menu, I have 5 little known facts about my favorite store I want you bargain savvy folks to know about:

Fact #1: Goodwills restock merchandise everyday

  Do you know what this means? This fact means new stuff all the time.  For me, stopping by 2 or 3 times a week is plenty, but really, you have an excuse to go everyday because there is a constant flow of new bargains just waiting to be found.  I went by my local store this Sunday and over a two day period from the last time I dropped by, there were a ton of new items...SCORE!

Fact #2: Earlier is Better

  Now I'll be honest, I am not a morning person, however, if any of you lovely folks can drag yourselves out of bed early enough to be one of the first people when the doors open, I have heard that the finds are bigger and better at opening than towards the end of the day.

Fact #3: COUPONS

  The other day, my mom and I scored big on our shopping trip and my lovely mother (being the well prepared lady that she is) made our score even better at the check out by having applicable coupons ready to go.  I encourage anybody who shops at the GW to take a minute and print out these coupons and use them this week!

Fact #4: Holiday=Major Bargains

 Ok, so we all know that holidays, like the quickly approaching Labor Day, can get more than a little crazy when it comes to dealing with the public.  But here is a tidbit that will have you running out of your house like a crazy person: ALL CLOTHES AT GOODWILL ARE 50% OFF! Go ahead and read that last sentence that you have recovered from the shock of that wonderful statement, go mark Monday, September 2nd down as a Goodwill shopping day.

Fact #5: Discounts for Who You Are

  This fact is just a little iffy because it may or may not apply to you depending where in the world you live.  Some GWs offer discounts for seniors (55+) and students.  I think this is the coolest thing ever and if you visit your goodwill and find out it offers this discount, let me know! Because let’s face it, nothing beats other people seeing how awesome you are and giving you a discount for your sheer greatness.
Happy Thrifting!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Donate Don't Dump

Hello my friends!
  Today I stopped at my local goodwill on the way home from church to drop off a trunk full of my unwanted clothes and trinkets.  I donated a TON of VHS tapes, clothes (of course) random decorative boxes, and I think some jewelery too.  Always donate, never dump!  Unless of course the items in question are truly junk. Here's the basic rule: If you wouldn't buy it, don't donate it.  If it is so ragged or stained there's no saving the poor item, don't clutter up your local goodwill with underwear...ew.
      Now I just wanted to take a minute and tell all of you how much I absolutely adore my local Goodwill.  It is the Manasota county branch of the Goodwill company and I have to say it is the best goodwill store I have ever been to! If any of you ever have an opportunity to go to a Goodwill store in Manatee, Desoto, or Sarasota county, do it!  All of the clothes are arranged by item (Shirt, pants, etc.) style (shirts: short sleeve, long sleeve) and then solids and patterns are even separated.  Finally everything is grouped by sizes making the shopping process easy.  If all that sorting isn't enough, these Goodwills take it one step farther by having everything priced the same! For example, at my local store, all long sleeve shirts are $3.99 and all the jeans are $4.99.  So I just want to say THANK YOU GOODWILL!
     Finally my friends, I encourage all of you to donate unwanted and unworn items to your local Goodwill as much as you possibly can and keep the bargain shopping going for the rest of the thrifters out there!  No donations=No deals.  Check out Goodwill's facebook page right here and give it a like.  If you're a tweeter, you can follow their page here.
Until next time,
Happy bargaining :)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Making it Work

Total: $5.99
Hey Everyone,
  Today I have yet another model that is my little sis! Isn't she adorable?!  Anyway, here she is sporting a lovely maxi dress in a cute tribal pattern.  But here is the secret...its not a girls dress!   Actually, it is a woman's size sundress (That would be waaaay to short in my opinion) that has adjustable straps.  Here's my point: my baby sister loved the dress so we made it work.  When thrifting, sometimes you have to think outside the box for something to work, and if that means alterations or a completely different use for the object, so be it.  And that is how a true thrifter gets it done, a little lip gloss and shimmery shoes later, my baby girl is ready for a hot night on ground?

Friday, August 16, 2013

Mama's Style

Alright, so today we have my mom's spiffy new outfit to dissect.  We had a major goodwill haul yesterday and so I'll be adding all the looks a little bit at a time.  The first pic is her fabulous new Ana Jeans, they have some awesome fading around the hip area and cost a whopping $4.99. She had to make a quick alteration to keep them from gaping but it's all good now. Her distressed tee with rhinestone details cost $3.99 and matches the rugged look of the pants beautifully.  Her wide, metallic cinch belt brings out the shine of the sparkle on the "cafe" design on the top.  It was also from goodwill and I think it was around 3 bucks. That brings the look together for a total of $11.97.... Try getting a new outfit for under twelve bucks at the mall!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Outfit of the...Evening?



Ok, so maybe there are more dramatic outfits to start off with, but I happen to love pajamas and this outfit is awesome. Here's the break down, blue t-shirt: $1.59, plaid pajama pants: $1.99.  And its just that simple.  I have to say, the shirt is incredibly comfy.  It's a District Threads tee and I'm pretty sure it's the softest thing in my wardrobe right now.  The pants are Bottoms O.U.T. and I almost didn't get them and here's why: they were about a mile too long.  Alright, so maybe they were only 3 inches too long but this is my point: it took me all of 10 minutes (if that) to hem them up and BOOM, new, perfect pantaloons for my crazy short legs.  Nothing is more important in thrift shopping than being willing to meet halfway with the garment in question.  If that means a hem or a quick patch up job, its all good!  A little effort goes a loooong way when shopping and wearing fashions from the G.W.
P.S. The gorgeous teal polish on my toes is the perfectly summer color Too Yacht to Handle by China Glaze

Once Upon a Time...The Story of Me

Once upon a time, a young woman dreamed of a fantastic wardrobe that could take her any where she wanted to go in a world of fashion forward people.  But alas, the young woman did not have the means to acquire this epic wardrobe; therefore she was forced to shop only the clearance racks at clothing stores and avoid the trendyist of stores all together.  Then one day, the young woman realized instead of feeling sorry that she couldn't have Channel bags and Jimmy Choo shoes, she could scrounge around thrift and second hand stores for great deals on even better outfits. 
  Hello and welcome to Good[will]Girl.  If you are looking for cheap meets chic, you have come to the right place.  I will be highlighting my fabulous finds and the crazy adventures that come with being a second hand shopper and giving tips and daily inspiration for fashion addicts.
Until Next Time,
Happy Thrifting!