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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lace Bootie Line Up

Hello my lovelies,
  I am so happy to show you all these beautiful bootie combinations today but first, a little preview.  I have been on a grunge kick lately and my mom found a great tutorial for distressing jeans at home.  Needless to say, I have been quite busy popping threads on my favorite true blues and once they are finished, I will post a tutorial that will walk you through getting the glam-grunge look.
  Now to the main event! The lacy bootie (one of) my all time favorite styles of shoe.  The ankle height boot is the most versatile of the boot family because you can wear them with anything.  With pants, they look like regular boots.  With shorts, they don't look... a-hem, trashy as long as they don't sport a high heel.  With dresses and skirts, they are just plain adorable.  So with no further babble about my love of this style, here are the outfits.
  Outfit number 1 is still pretty edgy like my last few styles.  The jean + plaid combo gives it a young almost rebel look.  In contrast, the second outfit has a more girlie feel because of the frilly dress and the soft pink fabric.  The dress is borderline summer, but with the boots and black cardigan, it ends up being fall worthy.  I hope all of you are enjoying this boot series!
Until next time,
Happy Bargaining!

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