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Friday, September 13, 2013

Packing Realization

Afternoon everyone!
  I was just packing for a little weekend getaway to visit family when I realized, 75% of what I had was from the GW.  Check it out
No.  I don't like to make my bed.
Did not realized this picture was blurry until I uploaded it. Not cool.
My amazing retro backpack that will be serving as my purse this weekend!

The inside of my amazing backpack I will be using as my purse this weekend!
 Both bags are from goodwill, so less than $10 each. My clothes are all from goodwill minus my workout clothes and tank tops.  Shoes, also from goodwill. Even the pillow my bag is sitting on top of is from GW!  Crazy right?  One other exception is my military style jacket. 
I actually found this bad boy at a yard sale.  I cannot stress how much I ADORE  this sturdy jacket.  I'm not one who enjoys standing outside in the heat and digging through other peoples (sometimes junky) stuff, but in the case of this yard sale, it was worth it.  I also bought a heavy coat and a cute purse from that stop.  Moral of the story: Don't totally rule out yard sales.
  Thank you all for reading and I'll write again in a couple of days,
  Happy Bargaining!

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