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Friday, September 6, 2013

The Western Boot + GWF Friday

Good evening everyone,
  As promised! Here is boot number one from my lovely diagram paired with exactly what I would wear.

  Because it's a western boot, I went with the traditional plaid shirt and jeans.  However I did choose a more modern style plaid and I brought out the green portions of the pattern with the forest green backpack.  Now don't be alarmed by the distressed style of jeans, as long as there is no major skin showing, anybody can pull of the worn look.  If bare threads is too grunge for your style, this look will look just as great with a crisp pair of jeans. 
  Look number two:
  This look goes to show that you can wear a western style boot and not look like Ellie-Mae Clampett.  In this outfit, I paired a graphic sweater with a plain, black denim skirt. Avoiding the typical true blue denim will always tone down the country vibe of an outfit.  The bag and fedora are bonuses because, well, I love bags and fedoras...
  Next time, I will be tackling the Dr. Martens pictured in my previous post.  As I said before, they are by no means my favorite style of boot, but they do have a certain "glam rock" quality that can scarcely be found elsewhere.
  Before I sign off tonight, I have to tell you all about my GWF this week.  A few Goodwill trips ago, I found the most beautiful tribal tube top.  It was orange and red and brown and just perfect in every way.  I tried it on and it fit just fine and with a cute jean vest, I knew it would be perfect.  Fast forward a few days and I found myself at the beach with my family, what better outfit to slip into after the beach than a simple tube top right? So I wore it and I felt like hot stuff, for a little while.  About a half hour later, we were out shopping and I couldn't help but notice my top sliding farther and farther down my front.  Before I knew it, I was in the midst of a full fledged wardrobe malfunction that left me buttoning up my vest all the way to the top and praying  my top would not become a belt.  Thankfully I made it home without publicly exposing myself.  One week later, I walked into Charlotte Russe and saw a different version of my shirt on a manican, only it was a skirt...Goodwill fail? I think yes.
  Moral of the story: Don't always trust the sorting skills of Goodwill employees.
I hope you had a laugh tonight,
Happy Bargaining!

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