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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Donate Don't Dump

Hello my friends!
  Today I stopped at my local goodwill on the way home from church to drop off a trunk full of my unwanted clothes and trinkets.  I donated a TON of VHS tapes, clothes (of course) random decorative boxes, and I think some jewelery too.  Always donate, never dump!  Unless of course the items in question are truly junk. Here's the basic rule: If you wouldn't buy it, don't donate it.  If it is so ragged or stained there's no saving the poor item, don't clutter up your local goodwill with underwear...ew.
      Now I just wanted to take a minute and tell all of you how much I absolutely adore my local Goodwill.  It is the Manasota county branch of the Goodwill company and I have to say it is the best goodwill store I have ever been to! If any of you ever have an opportunity to go to a Goodwill store in Manatee, Desoto, or Sarasota county, do it!  All of the clothes are arranged by item (Shirt, pants, etc.) style (shirts: short sleeve, long sleeve) and then solids and patterns are even separated.  Finally everything is grouped by sizes making the shopping process easy.  If all that sorting isn't enough, these Goodwills take it one step farther by having everything priced the same! For example, at my local store, all long sleeve shirts are $3.99 and all the jeans are $4.99.  So I just want to say THANK YOU GOODWILL!
     Finally my friends, I encourage all of you to donate unwanted and unworn items to your local Goodwill as much as you possibly can and keep the bargain shopping going for the rest of the thrifters out there!  No donations=No deals.  Check out Goodwill's facebook page right here and give it a like.  If you're a tweeter, you can follow their page here.
Until next time,
Happy bargaining :)

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