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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Holy Moly: Quick Tip

Hey everyone,
  I had a super busy day today working at the Florida Baptist Children's Home so I am EXHAUSTED.  Nevertheless, I still wanted to take a minute to give you a tip concerning your purchases at goodwill, specifically t-shirt and knit top purchases.
  Okay, so we all have had this happen to us, our favorite t-shirt or knit top that we wear every time it's clean develops a cluster of little bitty holes right where it rubs on the waistband of our jeans.  Aggravating?  I think yes.
   As you can see in the photo above, I found this lovely red tank at the GW a few days ago.  It wasn't pilled at all and it felt so soft and I loved the color and I loved the cut and then...I inspected the cluster-of-little-bitty-holes area and to my dismay, there were holes.  *sigh*
  I want to warn you lovely people: always check this area when buying knits! I have no clue how to fix these pesky punctures, but nothing is more maddening buying a GW piece and finding a defect when you go to wear your new outfit.  Save yourself the trouble and check the cluster-of-little-bitty-hole prone area before you even try on your find.
Until Next Time,
Happy Bargaining!

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