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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Making it Work

Total: $5.99
Hey Everyone,
  Today I have yet another model that is my little sis! Isn't she adorable?!  Anyway, here she is sporting a lovely maxi dress in a cute tribal pattern.  But here is the secret...its not a girls dress!   Actually, it is a woman's size sundress (That would be waaaay to short in my opinion) that has adjustable straps.  Here's my point: my baby sister loved the dress so we made it work.  When thrifting, sometimes you have to think outside the box for something to work, and if that means alterations or a completely different use for the object, so be it.  And that is how a true thrifter gets it done, a little lip gloss and shimmery shoes later, my baby girl is ready for a hot night on ground?

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