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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Outfit of the...Evening?



Ok, so maybe there are more dramatic outfits to start off with, but I happen to love pajamas and this outfit is awesome. Here's the break down, blue t-shirt: $1.59, plaid pajama pants: $1.99.  And its just that simple.  I have to say, the shirt is incredibly comfy.  It's a District Threads tee and I'm pretty sure it's the softest thing in my wardrobe right now.  The pants are Bottoms O.U.T. and I almost didn't get them and here's why: they were about a mile too long.  Alright, so maybe they were only 3 inches too long but this is my point: it took me all of 10 minutes (if that) to hem them up and BOOM, new, perfect pantaloons for my crazy short legs.  Nothing is more important in thrift shopping than being willing to meet halfway with the garment in question.  If that means a hem or a quick patch up job, its all good!  A little effort goes a loooong way when shopping and wearing fashions from the G.W.
P.S. The gorgeous teal polish on my toes is the perfectly summer color Too Yacht to Handle by China Glaze

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