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Friday, August 23, 2013

GWF Friday

Hey everyone!
  Just wanted to say thanks for all the views, remember! I'm on Twitter and Pintrest so check it out and follow me for daily (and quirky) fashion inspiration.  Today's post has been a much anticipated post for me because its Friday FAIL vs FIND time.  Allow me to explain, every Friday I will be featuring a Goodwill FAIL that will help shed some light on why the GW is oft dismissed as a fashion travesty in the making.  So without further adieu my GWF for this week is...
Don't I just look breathtaking?  If your answer was yes, you need serious fashion help.  This horrific dress may have been considered pretty 30 years ago, but even that is a stretch.  The pattern is repulsive and the fabric was extremely uncomfortable, but in the dress's defense,, there is no defending this dress.
In other news, here is the other half my GWF Friday: my FIND, this chunky woven drawstring bag!!  Three things about it: 1). It's gorgeous 2). It's funtional 3). It's gorgeous, nuff said.  Seriously though, I am obsessing over this superbly versatile and sturdy purse.  It has two handbag style handles but it also has a shoulder strap on the back that allows it to act like a one shoulder backpack. It's a two for one! The colors are also perfect for this autumn (my favorite time of the year) and it evokes a tribal feel that I just adore.
Until Next Time,
Happy Bargaining!
P.S. I'm almost over 500 views for Good[will]Girl! Thank you :)

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