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Monday, August 19, 2013

Some Little Known Facts

Good evening everyone!
My beachy, tan toes! Perfection
  I was at the beach for the better part of today so tomorrow I will be posting another outfit for your viewing enjoyment,  So on tonight's menu, I have 5 little known facts about my favorite store I want you bargain savvy folks to know about:

Fact #1: Goodwills restock merchandise everyday

  Do you know what this means? This fact means new stuff all the time.  For me, stopping by 2 or 3 times a week is plenty, but really, you have an excuse to go everyday because there is a constant flow of new bargains just waiting to be found.  I went by my local store this Sunday and over a two day period from the last time I dropped by, there were a ton of new items...SCORE!

Fact #2: Earlier is Better

  Now I'll be honest, I am not a morning person, however, if any of you lovely folks can drag yourselves out of bed early enough to be one of the first people when the doors open, I have heard that the finds are bigger and better at opening than towards the end of the day.

Fact #3: COUPONS

  The other day, my mom and I scored big on our shopping trip and my lovely mother (being the well prepared lady that she is) made our score even better at the check out by having applicable coupons ready to go.  I encourage anybody who shops at the GW to take a minute and print out these coupons and use them this week!

Fact #4: Holiday=Major Bargains

 Ok, so we all know that holidays, like the quickly approaching Labor Day, can get more than a little crazy when it comes to dealing with the public.  But here is a tidbit that will have you running out of your house like a crazy person: ALL CLOTHES AT GOODWILL ARE 50% OFF! Go ahead and read that last sentence that you have recovered from the shock of that wonderful statement, go mark Monday, September 2nd down as a Goodwill shopping day.

Fact #5: Discounts for Who You Are

  This fact is just a little iffy because it may or may not apply to you depending where in the world you live.  Some GWs offer discounts for seniors (55+) and students.  I think this is the coolest thing ever and if you visit your goodwill and find out it offers this discount, let me know! Because let’s face it, nothing beats other people seeing how awesome you are and giving you a discount for your sheer greatness.
Happy Thrifting!

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