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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fancy or Casual: That is the Question

Hey everybody!
  I hope all of you had an awesome and restful Sunday! I know I did.  Naptime = Good Day.  However, I did not waste my day away sleeping, instead I brainstormed a useful post for all you lovely folks to read because I just know, deep in my heart, your day is not complete without checking Good[will]Girl for a new post...
  So here are two looks with the exact same pieces but one is a I'm-just-running-out-for-coffee look and the other is a I'm-going-to-the-most-important-meeting-of-my-life look. 
  Here's outfit numero uno:
If you all haven't already noticed, I'm a bit of a nut for the sweater + cami combo.  I paired my floral cardigan with a plain white cami and my favorite textured pencil skirt.  I left myself lipstickless, kept my hair loose and down, and I kept my jewelry to a minimum size.  Look number two...Let's dress it up.

  Alright, so to dress up any outfit remember 3 things: tuck the shirt, cover your toes, accessorize to the max.  Let me break it down, by tucking in my shirt, I made my skirt the main attraction with my super cute bow belt.  I also pulled the waistline up because a high waisted skirt elongates the line of the legs. (And mine are very short.)  The next way to dress up a casual outfit is to cover your toes.  Bright nails peeking out of  sandals screams casual while closed toed flats or pumps will add an heir of sophistication to your look.  Finally, I took my simple pieces to the next level by wearing  statement jewelry that complemented the hint of green in my sweater.  In my opinion, wearing your hair up will also dress up your look, but it depends on the way you put it up.  A messy bun won't help you when it comes to making your outfit fancier, but a  neatly tucked bun + a fabulous shade of lipstick will complete the look.
  If any of you have a dressed up/down look you're proud of, let me know! I'd love to see your outfit creations.
Until Next Time,
Happy Bargaining!

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